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Best Controller For Rocket League-Elite Review And Buyers Guide

Best controller for rocket league allows up your gaming experience to professional standards. Using a 10$ controller for rocket league would not even make sense with a pc worth 2000$, right?comparison table for the best-rated controller for rocket league

Controller Name WEIGHT In 0uncesRATING/5 ButtonsVIEW ON AMAZON
Razer Wildcat eSports
9.64.84 Latest Price on Amazon
Razer raiju13.6643.64 Latest Price on Amazon
Xbox One Elite2.72 4.14 Latest Price on Amazon
Razer Wolverine13.63.64 Latest Price on Amazon
Razer Serval9.93.74 Latest Price on Amazon

Best Controller For Rocket League

Due to this reason  I went  and did a deep  research on various gaming groups including Facebook and Reddit and forums to come up with  the  below  list of top ten best controller for rocket league.

This study enabled me to compile only quality products from Logitech, Asus, Corsair and, Razer which are the leading producers of a gaming controller for rocket league

Best controller for rocket league prices varies significantly from cheap to very expensive. Therefore ,the experience of choosing a quality and responsive controller for rocket league tend to be different, than when just purchasing any controller for your rocket league from a local shop.

It is also a crucial recommendation that you should not have hundreds  of factors of  to consider when going for only  the Best controller for rocket league. But you should have some technical elements such as the responsive switches, Ergonomic shape, lightweight and presence of buttons that are fully-programmable.

Let’s get started by looking at our comparison table for the best-rated controller for rocket league



Best Controller For Rocket League Reviews For 2018

  1. Razer Wildcat with programmable buttons– best controller for pc reddit

Best Controller For Rocket LeagueRazer Wildcat with programmable buttons allows you to get the real taste of a prime gaming console.This product takes  our  best controller for rocket league first postion

Razer Wildcat with programmable buttons comes with a compact design that comes from top rated e-sports athletes.

Four quality and super responsive multi-functional buttons are present that allows you to enjoy unparalleled customizability options.

Comes with a quality buttons layout that I customizable thus allowing you only to enjoy a prime gaming experience.

Ergonomic Shape is also an excellent factor that is used to characterize this controller.it comes with quality size and shape that fits in both small and huge hands thus allowing you to experience professional gaming experience.

A light Weight design that is efficient engineered to offer you are all the comfort you’re ever wished to enjoy in a controller for rocket league. The lightweight design also allows this controller to be very portable.

Whether you are after quality controller for your pc or Xbox, this Razer Wildcat with programmable buttons should be your best pick.


  • Quality super responsive bumpers that are multifunction are current
  • Two removable multifunction triggers
  • Four quality ABXY buttons for action are present
  • Joysticks for zero and slow turn are also included
  • Relatively expensive though it is quality and super responsive controller
Why only Razer Wildcat with programmable buttons?

Razer Wildcat with programmable buttons with removable triggers that help you to cater for your speed demands. Programmable buttons so that you can efficiently and efficiently take your gaming to professional level are also present.


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  1. Razer raiju controller PlayStation 4-best controller for rocket league ps4

Best Controller For Rocket LeagueRazer raiju controller is our  no two of best controller for rocket league according to professional games is the best-rated offal controller for PlayStation 4.

it has two significant removable bumpers and quality two triggers that are also removable. The riggers are located on the underside while the bumpers are located on at the shoulders of this shoulders.

Comes with very comfortable design hence it fit in both large and small hand with aggregate ease.

As an addition, it is associated with an ergonomic shape that allows propelling of different ages to enjoy the gaming experience.

Lightweight design is also a character of this Razer raiju controller PlayStation 4 thus it makes it very flexible.

A control panel is also present thus it allows you to be in the better position of controlling your gaming activities with greater ease. With this control panel, you can efficiently enjoy the game sound and chat volume more efficiently. The trigger that is adjustable allows you to enjoy an increased gaming speed.


  • Ergonomic shape
  • Adjustable triggers to cater for your speed desires
  • A quick and an easy control panel is available
  • Removable bumpers are also available
  • None to mention
Why Razer  Raiju Controller Playstation 4?

Razer raiju controller PlayStation 4 comes with a compact design and ergonomic shape that allows it to fit efficiently in both small and huge hand more easily. Adjustable triggers are also efficiently integrated thus making it be a top-rated controller. The removable bumper that is dedicated to catering for your gaming speed is even resent thus allowing you to enjoy every minute you sped when gaming. Responsive buttons and switches are also another significant characters of Razer raiju controller PlayStation 4.

  1. Xbox Elite plus Wireless Controller-Best controller for rocket league

Best Controller For Rocket LeagueXbox Elite plus Wireless Controller is quality for your Controller for Rocket League that is associated with improving efficiency and accuracy.

An ergonomic design and size allow this Controller for Rocket League to fit in your hand more easily.

Quality and technology base configuration are also present makes sure that your gaming playing has been improving since speed accuracy are not compromised by  Xbox Elite plus Wireless Controller.

Xbox Elite plus Wireless Controller as have not only interchangeable but quality paddles. To enhance your gaming experience, four quality slots for gaming paddles that are interchangeable are present

Quality trigger hair locking systems is also available. The locking system makes it easy for you to fire quickly. The locking system also to a great extent allows you to effectively lock the trigger movement or even prepared for your next big trigger move.

A customizable control panel is also present thus it allows you to be in the better position of adding or even subtracting some setting to make your gaming experience more comfortable.

  • Quality Hair Trigger Lock is also available
  • A straightforward application to use is also present which allows you to customize your gaming setting.
  • quality  interchangeable paddles are present thus enabling you to have control of your gaming experiencen
  • It is’ compatible with both Xbox S and One.
  • Complicated to use but very quality and  more efficient
Why Xbox Elite plus Wireless Controller?

Xbox Elite plus Wireless Controller comes in a compact design that makes it easy for you to hold it firmly. A quality hair trigger is also present making it easy for you to control your gaming activity. Another feature that makes this controller feature on our list is that it has quality. It Is also compatible with Windows 10.

  1. Razer Wolverine Fully Customizable controller-best controller for pc gaming

Best Controller For Rocket LeagueRazer Wolverine controller is characterized by quality interchangeable thumbsticks that allow you to have in fully control your gaming experience.

Interchangeable and efficient   D-pads area also included during its manufacturing process. Multifunction two bumpers that are remapped pebble are available to ensure you only enjoy.

Four quality trigger is also another main character of this Razer Wolverine controller; they play a vital role in ensuring you are in full control of your gaming experience.

Chroma lighting plays an import role of spicing up your gaming experience. Multi-Function layout os switches and buttons allow your gaming experience to be very comfortable.

Interchangeable Thumb sticks allow you to hold this gaming control more efficiently as they will enable it to fit in both small and huge hands more easily.


  • Ergonomic and super responsive Multi-Function Buttons are available
  • Customize bale buttons layer out increases your gaming efficiency
  • Chroma lighting spices up your gaming experience thus allows you to enjoy gaming fully
  • Compatible with both Pc and Xbox One
  • D-pad requires more force  but is it is an excellent controller as it is  decently priced
Why Razer Wolverine Fully Customizable controller?

Razer Wolverine Fully Customizable controller comes with quality Mechanical quality stop-switches allows you to launch great fire efficiently. Chroma lighting also plays unique roles in spicing your gaming experience. The Chroma lighting also allows you to concentrate on the gaming activity fully. Being compatible with either PC or Xbox One makes it very efficient. Buttons that are super responsive also increases your efficiency.

  1. Razer Wolverine -best controller for steam

Best Controller For Rocket LeagueRazer Wolverine programmable tournament controller is characterized by the availability of four quality buttons hat reprogrammable.

To ensure you are in full control of your gaming, Multi-Function remappable buttons are present they allow you take your gaming experience to the next level. A wide selection of Chroma lighting options is also present ensuring your gaming standards are upheld.

A braided cable is another feature that characterizes this Razer Wolverine programmable Tournament controller. This braided capable is also detachable it allows this controller to be very flexible. Quality hair trigger options that are associated with efficient trigger stops make sure that you’re in full control of various gaming practices.

Nonslip grip ensures that you are in a position of enjoying your gaming regardless of where you have sweaty handy or not.


  • Wireless Controller
  • Quality Hair Trigger Lock is also available
  • An easy application to use
  • quality  interchangeable paddles
  • None to mention
Why only Razer Wolverine programmable Tournament controller?

Razer Wolverine programmable Tournament controller is very easy to use the controller as it comes with Nonslip grip options. Trigger stops that are also available making it easy for you to control when to shoot and when to open an intense fire. A braided cable that is detachable turn this Razer Wolverine to be very flexible.

  1. Razer Serval – pc and Mobile Gaming Controller-best controller for gear vr

Best Controller For Rocket LeagueBy being an efficient controller for both pc and android games Razer Serval – Mobile Gaming quality Controller.

4 quality hype response buttons for action are present making sure that your gaming reaches professional standards. Quality customizes home buttons are also available to ensure that this Razer Serval – Mobile Gaming Controller is compatible with both.

By being either a wired or  Bluetooth connected controller, it allows you to enjoy your favorite gaming position.By being wireless controller it makes Razer Serval – Mobile Gaming Controller to be very useful.

Our gaming controller experts have revealed that this Razer Serval – Mobile Gaming Controller is engineering to be very compatible with both pc and android. This is a controller that can function efficiently with multiple devices without losing its quick response time.


  • Easy to use and has not only a sturdy but also a beautiful design.
  • Decently priced
  • Easy installation.
  • Braided cable
  • Complicated design but  it is an excellent controller for the money
Why Razer Serval – for pc and Mobile Gaming Controller?

Why Razer Serval – pc and Mobile Gaming Controller comes with not only an Adjustable but a super responsive Game Clip which allows you to turn your android phone into your gaming screen.AN ABXY quality action buttons, two quality triggers, android easy to navigate buttons allow this controller to offer you unforgettable gaming experience.

  1. DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller-best controller for steam link

Best Controller For Rocket LeagueWant not just any controller but a quality, revolutionary gaming controller for present day and age gaming experience? Well, consider going for this DUALSHOCK 4-Wireless Controller.

By being a wireless controller DUALSHOCK tends to be very flexible .it quality technology have also been included in its manufacturing process as a responsive touchpad and attractive light gear is also present.

Availability of very responsive TouchPad modifies your gaming experience and allows you to interact with other gamers easily.

A quality light bar that consists of three LED light option provides you a modified way to identify your players.

Light bar also helps you to determine relevant gaming information that you should know. Enhanced Vibration modes allow you to be fully immersed in gaming. Enhanced Vibration modes it also allows gamers to have improved game reaction and expression


  • Easy to use as it comes with an efficient touchpad
  • Decently priced
  • Braided cable
  • Precision Control
  • None
Why DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller

DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller comes with a Stereo quality Headset Jack is also present thus it enables you to either chat with other online gamers or even enjoy high definition game effects from either the individual control or your  TV  screen.

  1. Logitech Gamepad F310-best controller for retropie

Best Controller For Rocket LeagueLogitech Gamepad is a simple type of  controller which is also relatively easy to use. Logitech Gamepad controller allows you to use a USB connection option.

Apart from coming in sturdy design is also compatible with window 7, Vista and XP. Comes with software that is very easy to customize thus giving you comfortable gaming experience.

Availability of 10 quality and super responsive buttons that are programmable offers you outstanding gaming experience.

Logitech Gamepad which is easy to use gaming controller has eight-way quality and programmable D-pad that makes your gaming experience your be unforgettable as they eliminate the mushy control options.

Availability of the F310 option allow this controller to access both android model of TV sets to access games, entertainment, and apps

Availability of both direct input and Xin put makes this F310 to be easy to assemble, use and also operate. Apart from being a stud controller F310 is also compatible with internet, window, 7, 10, Vista, 8 and XP windows.


  • Easy to use
  • Decently priced
  • Quality USB connection
  • Responsive TouchPad
  • Associated with a relatively increased weight
Why only Logitech Gamepad F310 controller?

Logitech Gamepad F310 controller comes with quality USB connection option that allows you to access your media from various options. Logitech Gamepad by being compatible with either window 7, Vista or the Windows XP will enable it to be widely used by many gamers all over the world.

Best Budget Controller For Rocket League

Wrap up

Here is my detailed review of best controller for rocket league. Read all the above information and decide on picking the best. Leave us  comment below. Happy shopping as you choose one all even all of the above best controller for rocket league. Happy shopping


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