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Best Laptop For Computer Science Engineering Students 2018

Best laptop for computer science engineering students should be not only fast but also very versatile. If you are joining computer engineering college you have to carry without a high performing laptop that is capable of withstanding substantial technological data more easily

Best Laptop For Computer Science Engineering Students 2018

Best laptop for computer science engineering students is available at different prices all the way from cheap to very expensive. Therefore our laptop experts have suggested you should have in mind some technical factors to consider such as the speed of CPU processor, RAM, screen size, graphics cards hard drives and the operating system.

Before we get started let’s familiarize our self with the above technical features for Best laptop for computer science engineering students

  1. RAM:computer science engineering students should apply for A RAM  that a range between 16,12 and  8GB allow all the processes and software’s that are involved in running smoothly having good RAM will allow even your graphic card to function efficiently.
  2. Video Cards: computer engineering students tend to spend most of their time in dedicated environments. In these situations, they are exposed to a wide range of heavy software such as a CAD, Solid Works, and Dedicated and quality video cards will allows computer engineering students to enjoy their life during video rendering. Our experts recommend that you should go for laptops that are associated with either DDR5 or 2GB quality DDR3 or very efficient Graphics card.
  3. Operating System. Lest just by saying wow, since Operating System have made our digital world to be a conducive environment to exist. When it comes to Operating System, you are either using window or Mac computers. For decades windows are the most appropriate Operating System for demanding workstation. However, if you are a geek enough you can still go for Mac.

Our Comparison Table For Best Laptop For Computer Science Engineering Students 2018

Best Laptop For Computer Science Engineering Students Reviews

1.   Surface Pro 4-Best laptop for computer engineers

It is a technology-based laptop that allows you take down just as you do in your notebook.

This feature alone has played a significant role in popularizing this computer among different computer science engineering students. Run on a compelling 6th generation process which is a powerful core i7.

It has an improved ability to operate quietly while improving its performance. As it is backed up by cooling fans that a supplies this laptop with very efficient clean air.

Having efficient cooling systems allows you to be in the better position of performing the more demanding task without the laptop overheating.

It comes with sturdy Pixel Sense 12.3-inch screen that allows you to enjoy an increased display.It comes with an improved gale that makes it possible for you to work for long days when staring at the screen without your eyes having to strain.

Come with a quality keyboard that when buying is sold separately with this laptop. Quality multi-position kickstand makes it easy for you to enjoy various position when using this computer. The stand prevents you from straining your head when using this laptop you can also switch this computer from being a computer to a tablet due to the presence of the multi-strand option.

  • Runs on a core i7 6th generation processor
  • Easy to use
  • Very efficient cooling systems
  • Tends to be more versatility
  • Keyboard sold separately
  1. Dell XPS 13 

Well, dell for more than a decade now has been a leasing beast in the technology world always relating hits after hit.

Having made that clear this Dell XPS 13 is another considerable beast and the Best laptop for computer science engineering students from Dell.

It runs on quality and a compelling 7500u core i7 intel powered  CPU that allows you to handle even the most demanding tasks more efficiently.

Quality Intel 6100 Iris Graphics runs this laptop thus it makes it easy for you to handle the various task with great ease.

An increased RAM of more than 16GB is present therefore it makes it very easy for you to feel different work more easily without having to struggle much.

It comes in lightweight, and compact design which makes it easy for you even to backpack this laptop if you have a business trip, High connectivity ability to wireless network is an added advantage.

Thunderbolt 3 quality connectivity placed this beast and Best laptop for computer science engineering students to work efficiently with two display options. Comes with increased 256GB quality SSD storage option that allows you to store more data and intermediate files.

  • 256GB SSD quality storage
  • Runs on a powerful 7500u core i7 Intel CPU
  • Increased 13.3 touch display option
  • 16GB quality RAM
  • Enhanced performance
  • Optical Drive is not included

3.HP ENVY 17.3

HP is yet another beast that has rule the technology jungle for years.

HP is a top brand computer company that is characterized by quality and well-trained computer and technology enthusiast who carry out quality research to come up with quality and unbeatable products.

HP selects only the top cream of works best computer geeks to help them in coming up with unmatched laptop innovations.

HP ENVY comes with an increased display of 17.3 inches that allows you to be in the better position of enjoying quality image view.

A quality RAM DDR4 6 GB is presently making it easy for you to handle various operations with great ease.

The quality crucial compact board that is efficiently backlit allows you even to handle your assignments in your dark room in case there is a shortage of power. It is also backed up by a very original battery that is in the most appropriate position of maintaining the charge for more hours.

It allows you to enjoy easy connection option to both wires less network and Bluetooth, quality Gigabit Ethernet port is also present wish will enable you to remain connected to your wireless internet option without having to struggles much.

  • Increased display of 17.3 inches
  • Quality Gigabit Ethernet port
  • A quality RAM DDR4 6 GB
  • compact design
  • Highly Priced

Wrap Up

Above is our complete guide and review of Best laptop for computer science engineering students. Read through the above information and makes the wise decision of picking the most appropriate machine.

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