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Best Laptops For Software Engineers 2018

Best laptops for software engineers allows both armature, professional and software engineers to have a smooth life while developing different software. Best laptops for software engineers are hard to find as there are hundreds of software engineering laptops models that are available in the various market platform. The experience of choosing or even buying high performing laptop for best software engineers is daunting.

Best Laptops For Software Engineers 2018

Prices of software engineers laptops range from cheap to very costly. Therefore our experts recommend that you should have some technical features such as graphic, battery life and performance before deciding on which software engineering laptop you are going to purchase.

Before we get started let’s look at top three hiccups associated best laptops for software engineers that you should be familiar with


  1. Weight.  Weigh is prime factor that   will determine which laptop you are going to purchase therefore  consider going for notebooks that are a more portable to make your  work more comfortable to also  to place  you in position of  backing it  if you are traveling,
  2. Battery life. Lack of power such especially if you have a task has a deadline. When choosing best laptops for software engineers. Consider going for laptops that have a battery life of 12 hours and above to cater for powers shortage hours.
  3. Overheating. Both software engineers and software engineering student are involved in running heavy software and applications. They are also engaged in developing compete for a system which can run the whole world sorry to say this, but I respect engineers. Due to the bulk of work they are involved in most laptops tend to overheat. Consider going for quality laptop with better and technology-based cooling system.

Comparison table for Best laptops for software engineers 2018

Best Laptops for Software Engineers Reviews

  1. Microsoft Surface Book 2-best laptop for software engineering

Microsoft Surface Book 2 has led to a significant revolution in software engineering as it can only be described as a beast.

It comes with modified, and killer features that a have resulted in making this Microsoft Surface Book 2 to be an outlasting software developer’s laptop model.

It runs on quality and high performing core i7 which is backed up by 1TB HDD  not forgetting it comes with an increased RAM of 16GB that allows you to run software’s an application that is very demanding.

It will enable you to use it in different modes all the way from the laptop, studio, tablet mode and lastly on a view mode.

Pixel Sense quality Display which is backed up 15.5 inches display.This display allows you to be in the better position of enjoying enlarged image view.it comes with USB ports with a c port design.

It is also associated with quality graphics that allows you to even engaging e in massive gaming experience as it is also involved NVIDIA GeForce.it has an increased ability to adapt efficiently to your desires.

  • Allow you to integrate with stores and technology
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with quality surface pen
  • sleek design
  • increased HDD and RAM
  • Relatively expensive
  1. Dell Latitude E5480-best laptop for software engineering students

Dell Latitude E5480 comes in a light design that makes it easy for carrying it even during your business trip or practical classes.

Intel 2.8GHz 7440H Core i5 processors power this laptop thus making to feature in our list of Best laptops for software engineers.

Intel HD 630 Graphics are also availed they allow you to be in the position of enjoying running heavy software without compromising the efficiency of this laptop.

The 14-inch display makes it easy for you to make accurate coding as everything appears to be relatively enhanced.

The 8gb option of DDR4 Memory which is Non-ECC is available making this machine to be a beast of coding.It also comes with a quality battery which can stay on charge for an increased duration of time;

it comes with an improved hard disk that allows you to store your fire without having to go for external hard drives which might introduce viruses to your machine.

  • Increased HD display
  • Runs on i7 processor which is very efficient
  • Strong connectivity option both for wireless and Bluetooth network
  • Lightweight design
  • Not cheap
  1. Microsoft Surface Book-best laptop for software development

Microsoft Surface Book comes with a relatively increased and high perming 512GB SSD that runs on 6th generation core i7 processor.

This laptop allows you to be in the position of even projecting your media due to the availability of an HDMI Cable.

2.4G Optical Mouse which is relatively sensitive makes software developer make a quick and reasonable decision.

The battery life of this laptop is increased making it easy for you to work for more than   8 hours without having to charge it again.

An expanded display makes it possible for you to view all the proceeding of on your laptop more easily.

It also runs on an 802.11ac Intel wireless option that allows you to enjoy a stronger connection. A quality surface pen that will enable you to make a quick adjustment to your software project also a have increased efficiency of this laptop.

  • Increased a battery life
  • Quality display
  • Surface Pen
  • Quality Intel wireless ac
  • None to mention

4.  Lenovo E470 ThinkPad-best laptop for software engineering students

This is another original quality machine design for the actor for the need of coders .

it comes with mighty 2.7GHz Core i7 Intel 7500U processor that allows you to even run powerful software without influencing its performance negatively.

Increased storage of 256GB SSD is a present making it easy for you to store both data and media file more easily comes with an increased screen size of 14-inch that makes it easy for you to enjoy efficient coding ability.

An increased ram of 16GB is also available allowing you to be in the better position of installing even demanding applications on this laptop.

Availability of the 16GB ram makes it easy for this computer to multitask. A keyboard that is spill resistant is also present thus it keys your computer functional in the case of an accident on your working table.

  • Spill-resistant keyboard
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Increased ram
  • Expensive
  1. Alien ware AW13R2 FHD Laptop-best laptop for programming and gaming

Alien ware FHD Laptop runs on powerful core i7 processor and a relatively increased RAM of 16GB.A quality and improved display of 13.3 inches allows you to enjoy a quality view .

A quality graphics card that enables you to enjoy smooth gaming and running other heavyweight software is also available

A quality and a well crucial backlit board is present making it easy for use at work even in darkened conditions.

it comes in small and a compact design that makes it easy for you to carry it your backpack more easily

Multiple ports are presents making it quicker for you to load more fire and programs to your laptop without   struggles

  • Numerous ports
  • Increased RAM of 16GB.
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Increased display of 13.3 inches
  • light weigh hence   very portable
  • Relatively small screen

6. HP Spectre x360best laptop for programming and hacking

Wow, these machines have increased the ability to stay on charge for 15 hours.it is associated with a lightweight laptop that comes with an increased hard disc of 256GB that makes it easy for you to store more files easily.

It has hinges that are convertible making it easy for you to turn this laptop into much efficiency.

DDR3 16GB Memory is presently placing this HP Spectre x360 as a  quality multitasking laptop that can efficiently handle  more software’s at the same  time

The lightweight condition makes this laptop to be friends with to your backpack as you can carry it on with you during I trips.

By an 8th  generation laptop it places you in better condition of even dealing with an advanced coding ability that requires very powerful laptops.

  • DDR3 16GB Memory
  • Hard disc of 256GB
  • Solid 512GB SSDState Drive
  • 1 Year warranty
  • None to mention

Wrap Up

Well, this is our detailed buyer’s guide and revises the Best laptops for software engineers that you can get from the market. We hope that this list will help you in picking the right machine to cater for your software engineering laptop desires.

Leave us a comment and d if possible hit our share button. Happy shopping as you shop Best laptops for software engineers.


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