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Best Zowie Mouse For 2018-Buyers Guide And Reviews

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Best zowie mouse allows you to have the best gaming experience when practicing various gaming practices. If you have any at time found yourself looking for only the best gaming mice such as the CS, GO then it is most likely that you have  heard of zowie mouse which is  the most excellent gaming mouse  today due to its high performance.

Zowie mouse is manufactured by BenQ which is a leading brand in the gaming and hardware industry. BenQ for decades has been the leading a manufacturer of monitors around the globe, recently BenQ has unleashed quality series of best Zowie gaming mouse that has turned out to be a huge success for most gamers.

Best Zowie Mouse 2018

Best zowie mouse brands come in friendly and efficient design which gives first-person shooters a professional experience. Having said that I would like you to give me a chance to introduce zowies series gaming mice brands which include FK2, FK1, EC2-A and the EC1-A.despite  that they may all have some different features from each model they all determined to elevate your gaming standards to professional standards.

Zowie mouse brands come with different prices ranging from cheap to very expensive. More models of zowie mice are also available both low quality and high quality .therefore you should have some specific factors to consider before comes which zowie gaming mice you are going purchase.

Zowie mouse is characterized by adjustment switches that are super responsive on their bottom they are also driverless implying that after you have connected them to your computer, you should start playing immediately.

Let’s start by   viewing our comparison table on Best zowie mouse for 2018

Best Zowie Mouse Reviews In 2018

  1. BenQ ZOWIE FK1-best budget gaming mouse

BenQ ZOWIE FK1 is a quality an ambidextrous gaming mouse that allows you to enjoy prime claw grip and usage.it comes with an elegant design that will enable you only to experience a firm grip.

Both an accurate sensor and an increased buttons numbers that are very sensitive.

Seven quality buttons are present that allows you to be in the better position of being in control of your gaming experience.

Usually, two right and one left buttons are present and one quality scroll wheel while quality and very sensitive buttons are available on the side of this BenQ ZOWIE FK1.

The scroll wheel of this BenQ ZOWIE FK1   allows you very lovely feedback that will enable you to enjoy your hamming experience more.

BenQ ZOWIE FK1 guarantee you more comfort when using this mouse even if your hand are sweaty.

It comes with a rough surface that allows you to enjoy a relatively lovely anti-slip grip regardless of the prevailing condition at hand.

Super sensitive DPI buttons are also available that will enable you to make quality and beautiful adjustments

  • DPI adjustment
  • Adjustable USB
  • associated with an Innovative and modular design
  • you can customize it  to suit your gaming desires
  • None as it is decently priced

2.  BenQ ZOWIE EC1best wireless mouse for small hands

Want an excluding gaming mouse this meant for right-hand uses only this try BenQ ZOWIE EC1-B.

It is another quality product from BenQ that gives you just professional gaming experience if you have a big arm to youth ten to make excellent mouse movement consider giving this try.

Comes in a comfortable size that makes it be combatively user.It comes with a beautiful design that allows it to be very compact. The super responsive wheel is also available it makes it easy for you to make quick and efficient gaming decision .

To cater for your taste and presence it comes in two quality sizes for different preference.

  • Allows you to enjoy a firm grip
  • easy to use
  • sensitive buttons
  • associated with a prime RGB lighting technology
  • none though this model  can tentatively   expensive
  1. ZOWIE FK2-best wireless mouse for large hands

This another quality mouse from the Ban since no driver area required it is plug and play mouse that allows you to experience advanced gaming ability.

Two quality and responsive buttons are also available which are a very efficient for catering for both rights and left-handed individuals.

It is associated with an increased lift-off distance that makes it easy for you to have a firm grip.it is also campanile with both windows 8 seven and vista. There are operating systems are also associated with this mouse such as the Mac.

Comes with a rough surface that allows you to have firm grip even if you have sweaty hands. It also comes with a quality warranty that guarantees you to have perfect replaced or your money back.

All these allow you to enjoy a competitive gaming experience utilizing the impressive sensor.

  • Firm grip
  • Decently priced
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with significant device operating systems.
  • None to mention as this mouse is decently priced

4.BenQ ZOWIE EC1-A E- Gaming Mouse-best gaming mice for big hands

ZOWIE EC1 is another prime gaming mouse that comes with an ergonomic design. This is quality model that is only meant for right-handed gamers.

Quality and responsive 24 step wheel. By being a   relative sense, it allows you to make quick and responsive game changes.

ZOWIE EC1 is also very efficient gaming mouse as not drivers are needed to install. Our mouse driver experts have suggested that mouse with n drivers are more durable and relatively economical.

An increased cable length in ZOWIE EC1 allows you to enjoy happy gaming moment is also present .on the other hand it supports Adjustable quality USB report rate. Five quality buttons are available. Product warranty is also available.

  • Ergonomic
  • right-handed design
  • drivers are not needed
  • efficient lift-off quality distance
  • the responsive scroll wheel
  • Only for right handed

5.    Steel Rival Series 700-best cheap wired gaming mouse

This is a prime gaming mouse that comes with a relatively improved ability that allows you to enjoy the professional gaming experience.

For more than decades now Steel Series is a company that plays a vital by offering gamers top quality devices and hardware.

This Steel Series omens with an OLED light system that allow you to be familiar with either setting. For technical details, Rival Series 700 features a quality modular design OLED display, RGB lighting, and a very quality adjustable DPI options.

A quality optical sensors that can aquiver up to.  A quality laser sensor 8,000   is available that allows you to detect every change in your gaming.

The only possible model for Rival Series 700 is meant to cater for left-hand gamers only.

  • RGB lighting that is industry rest
  • Programmable
  • quality sensors that give you real-time  game  notifications
  • Programmable  to cater for your gaming desires
  • This model tends to be expensive little bit

6.ASUS RGB Wireless Spatha-best cheap wireless gaming mouse

This is prime gaming mouse that comes from ASUS. ASUS has gained unconditional reputation in the electronic industry.

it is  quality gaming mouse that  comes  backed  up with efficient  RGB effects and additional  buttons that makes it easy for you to enjoy a relatively exceptional gaming experience .

It is  constructed from  a decent a magnesium  alloy that allows it to have an  attractive  and  compact design/

The magnesium enables also make the mouse to be associated with a relatively increased weight that makes it possible for you to enjoy an improved gaming experience.

By having over 12 buttons that programmable allows you to cater for your gaming desires. Coming with an excellent grip that allows you to enjoy a firm grip. An ergonomic design also adds up to the efficiency of this mouse.

  • Robust design which matches most gamers desires
  • Customizability option to increase its efficiency
  • RGB lighting righting option
  • comes with an increased buttons number that
  • Some buttons tend to be hard to press

7.    Razer Ouroboros-best gaming mice for fps

Razer has been rated to be the leading peripheral brand on the globe. Razer assures you that most of its product are top performing.

It is the wireless mouse that makes it to a considerable competitor to other brands such as  ASUS  Sparta.it comes with a   compact design with an excellent experience that makes it be gaming choice mouse for most gamers.

By having the flexible option, it allows you to be in the better position of enjoying relatively comfortable gaming experience by reducing or its weight.

This option will enable you to enjoy very comfortable gaming as light mouse makes your gaming experience to be more flexible.

Comes with more than 11 buttons that are programmable thus it this razer allow you to achieve your desired gaming mouse user experience. Dual sensors that are very accurate will enable you to keep your gaming experience in order.

  • Both palm set and buttons are customizable
  • Allows you to use it as either wired or wireless
  • Dual sensors making you’re gaming to be very efficient
  • Conceptual look thus most gamers preference
  • Relatively expensive
  • Complicated design

8.    Corsair RGB Scimitar-best budget gaming mouse

It is very unusual that Corsair which is also a top brand company has decided to give us quality mouse to cater for gaming experience .

our experts can only describe this mouse as Corsair arsenal after releasing other products that are not quality but bestselling all over the globe.

The impressive Pixart sensor allows you to have not only a controlled but a very feint gaming experience.

What a fantastic mouse that comes with quality, super sensitive 17 buttons that ate every easy to customizable.

By having customizable buttons, this Corsair RGB Scimitar allows you to have a modified gaming experience that meets your specific gaming desires this time around?

Quality RGB lighting which is efficiently y controlled by a utility engine of this Corsair RGB Scimitar is also available. Talking about its performance this mouse have an increased ability to be more efficient than Razer Ouroboros.

  • Comes with a compact design
  • Light in weight
  • 17 quality and programmable buttons
  • Impressive Pixart sensor
  • Relatively heft for different users

9.    Razer Hex V2-best wireless gaming mouse under 50

If you just want a quality mouse to cater for various professionals games like MOBA then consider choosing this brand.

Razer Hex V2 is both a customizable and very efficient mouse which gives you an added advantage or catering to your desire gaming experience.

Comes with a Chroma option of RGB lighting which has been modified to provide for your desired gaming experience.

A quality and manageable Razer Synapse 2.0 is present thus it comes it easy for you to enjoy perfect professional gaming option.

Comes with a rough quality design that allows you to enjoy a relatively improved grip regardless of whether you have sweaty hands. The compact design a lot tends to be a quality of what most gamers look for in   gaming mice

10,000 first DPI sensor is. Available making you to feel the real impact of your gaming experience by allowing to make right moves all the time.  The relatively improved sensor makes it easy for you to enjoy very active gaming ability.

  • Comes with quality sensors
  • Razer Synapse 2.0
  • A Chroma option of RGB lighting
  • Both a customizable and very efficient mouse
  • both a customizable and handy mouse
  • Relatively expensive
  • Complicated but very efficient

10. Logitech G502-best fps gaming mouse

Should I say wow or laugh about this Logitech G502 have given gamers a new topic of discussion this time around?

It comes with a quality DPI future, and a modified RGB lighting system that has becomes the favorite standard gaming mouse in town.

G502 Proteus quality Spectrum is also present making this mouse super-efficient. Speaking of technical details and efficiency this mouse fall s at a better place as it allows you enjoy super little improvements.

Comes with quality and super responsive buttons that allows all gamers to be in the position of shooting considerably and more efficiently.

Comes with a braided cable that is increased it durability ability. Therefore, it will enable you to enjoy more of your money for an n increased a durable ton of time without having to care about the cable being worn out getting being distorted.

  • Easy to sue
  • Braided cable
  • Responsive buttons
  • Light in weight
  • Relatively complicated design for it is a right mouse for the money

Wrap Up

There you have it the list of the best zowie. Happy shopping. If you found this review of Best zowie mouse hit our share icons and may leave positive feedback and if you don’t like let’s know what we can change. Happy shopping

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