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Best Mechanical Keyboard For Linux-Reviews And Buyers Guide

Best Mechanical Keyboard For Linux is all that both professional gamers and programmers need. Apart from substantial definition graphic cards, joysticks and gaming mouse best mechanical keyboard for Linux is another critical requirement for gamers.

Best Mechanical Keyboard 2018

There exist a long list of gaming essential and overlooking a quality a mechanical keyboard would not be a great idea. Mechanical keyboard for Linux especially you tend to spend most of the time on your pc you will concur with me that mechanical keyboard lows you to enjoy an increased level of comfort.Having a quality mechanical keyboard for Linux will act as a guarantee of smooth, effortless and elegant gaming experience.

Let’s would take for example if I were out there planning to purchase not only quality but a very efficient Best mechanical keyboard for Linux I would go for.To come up with this list of the 10wizard mechanical keyboard for Linux, I put in place various research from various gaming and programming platforms, Facebook gaming forums, gaming, and programming marketplaces. All the keyboard on this list as has relatively both high customer feedback and rating.

Best Mechanical Keyboard For Linux 2018

What is the difference between mechanical keyboard and membrane keyboards?

Mechanical keyboard for Linux uses individual physical buttons or switches if you may like. By mechanical keyboard for Linux using switches they tend to be more efficient and also more accurate when performing the various task either when gaming, keying in data or even programming. Where on the other side membrane keyboards all digital keyboard that only generates signals when pressed. Check out best membrane-based keyboards

Best Mechanical Keyboard For Linux Reviews

  1. Das Professional Soft Tactile Mechanical Keyboard – Best Mechanical Keyboard For Gaming

Das Professional Soft Tactile Mechanical Keyboard comes with quality and attractive cherry MX switches that are associated with a gold contact.

Availability of an increased volume knob allows you to have full control of your media.

Two quality 3.0 USB ports are available that allows you to enjoy relatively increased speed connectivity.

3.0 USB ports are associated with the ability to achieve a speed of more than 5 GB/s which according to experts it 10 times more than what is delivered by 2.0 USB ports.

It is also compatible with various devices such as ChromeOS, Linux, PC Windows, and Mac. Also, it comes with an increased length of that allows you to be more comfortable when using this mechanical keyboard

The switches of this keyboard are very responsive thus an allowing all your operation to be straightforward. The top panel of this keyboard is manufactured from aluminum. Therefore, it makes it very stable and also relatively durable.

  • Lovely Colored Backlighting
  • Sleek Design
  • Great aluminum Build Quality
  • Responsive switches
  • complicated software
  1. Steelseries APEX Mechanical Keyboard– Best Mechanical Keyboard For Typing

Steel Series APEX Mechanical Keyboard come with very sensitive gaming switches that allow you to be in a better position of enjoying your gaming experience.

All the switches on this keyboard are not or accurate but also ultra-fast, with every single press you get actual results without any delay

APEX Mechanical Keyboard comes with a very dynamic lighting systems that allow you to enjoy over 16.8 million variations of colors

.it is forged from quality aerospace aluminum that would enable it to be very light.

Comes with an attractive look that allows this keyboard to have a modern appearance and also to be relatively durable.

Availability of a Prism option of Sync lighting lows you to enjoy more gaming as it creates an attractive environment when synchronized with your gaming prism modified gear.

  • Prism Sync lighting
  • Dynamic lighting systems
  • Responsive gaming switches
  • More durable as it is crafted from aerospace aluminum
  • light in weight
  • Expensive Keyboard but very sustainable and effective
  1. Das Prime Mechanical Keyboard– Best Budget Gaming Keyboard

Das Prime Mechanical Keyboard Comes with quality switches that are super responsive. The keyboard also efficiently lit to allow you to enjoy your user experience.

It comes with an extended braided cable of 2 meters long.

By having braided cable, this keyboard tends to be more durable.

Buy coming with braided wire allows you to be in the better position of enjoying using this keyboard for an increased duration of time as it is relatively flexible.

Switches or buttons on this keyboard rea super responsive thus as they allow you to be in the better position of enjoying the relatively fast experience when it comes to gaming or even programming.


Das Prime Mechanical Keyboard allows you to have full control of your media through using its super responsive buttons. A quality White option of LED backlighting is available thus allowing you to sue the keyboard even in places with less light.

  • Light in weight thus hence it is very portable
  • White option of LED backlighting making it very efficient even in darkened rooms s
  • Braided cables are available thus causing it be very flexible
  • switches are super responsive
  • comes with a compact design  that allows  this  keyboard to feel hardy  when on your  desk
  • Relatively complicated to use though it is a very efficient keyboard
  1. Das 4 Mechanical Professional Keyboard

Das 4 Mechanical Professional Keyboard gives you unforgettable gaming and programming experience.

It comes with a tactile feel that allows you to feel more comfortable when using this machine.

The mechanical switches that are available are from the cherry MX hat have audio enable to allows your operation to be very accurate.

As an addition, it comes with a hefty quality knob that will let you have control of your media when using your keyboard.

Comes with quality and super responsive switches that are gold plated thus thy only allows you to enjoy super contact with your hands. Das 4 Mechanical Professional Keyboard is also very durable having in mind that gold is a quality material that tends s to be free from both rust and collusion.

Two quality 3.0 USB Port that can only be described as a Hub for SuperSpeed are available. The super speed ports allow enjoying a very high-speed file transfer either music or other documents all day long without time wastage.

NKRO is also available thus will enable you to enjoy an increased typing speed if you intend to use this for either gaming or even programming.

  • Two quality 3.0 USB Port that allows you to enjoy high-speed data transfer option
  • Light in weight
  • Responsive switches
  • NKRO is also available
  • Sensitive gaming switches
  • More durable
  • light in weight
  •  Complicated but very quality keyboard

Wrap up

I spend more than one hundred and twenty hours going through gaming, typing and programming forums to come up with the list. I have included top ten Best mechanical keyboards for Linux while I have reveled best five rated mechanical keyboards for Linux.

Read on and make a quality decision of which mechanical keyboard you are going to pick. Happy shopping.

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